11:00 - WARM UP - DJ1Conscious - (Fun tunes from 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s with an Opera singer finale

11:30 - OPENING CEREMONY, MEDITATION, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY - Elisha Xantaya, Joe Figliano, Marc Kundalini and other artists

12:00 - EARTH ELEMENT - TARA FISCHER, supported by Pureheart Alchemy Mysts and musicians Adrian Anteros, Marc Kundalini, Luis Piazzetta and Baran Yildiz (Inner journey, Partner exercises, Kundalini Dance)

1:00 - HANDPAN JOURNEY - Baran Yildiz

1:10 - WATER ELEMENT - RACHE MOORE with DJ Andre Meyer (Yoga, Cacao Ceremony, Dance)

2:10 - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Simon Wing Lun (Talk)

2:30 - AIR ELEMENT - MICHELLE MAHRER, with musicians Carmella Baynie, Baran Yildiz and Emanuel Lieberfreund. (Movement, Connection, Breath, Chanting)

3:30 - 3:33 LOVE BOMB - Joe Figliano (Guided Visualisation of Love for Earth) - A HEALING JOURNEY TALK - Joe Figliano

3:50 - SINGING WORKSHOP - Simon Jankelson

4:15 - KIRTAN - Carmella Baynie

4:45 - SPIRIT SINGER - Olivia Rosebery

5:15 - LOVE AND DELIBERATE CREATION - Karen Swain (Talk and Workshop)

5:45 - SPOKEN WORD POETRY - Elisha Xantaya

6:00 - LIVE MUSIC JAM - Emanuel Lieberfreund facilitating improvised music with other artists.

6:30 - FIRE ELEMENT - HAYLEY MELROSE with Kundi Club Fire Dancers and DJ Leandro Villamil. (Performance, Fire Dance, Kundalini Yoga and Dance)

7:30 - DRUM CIRCLE - Soul Drummer with Castle Drumming - Saul Smith, Emilia Rose, Guy Menzies, Mars Alek, Luis Piazetta, Curt Hannagan (Drum and Dance)

8:30 - DJ SET - DJ Marc Kundalini featuring live Sax by Emanuel Lieberfreund and percussion by Sou Drummer and friends

9:15 - ETHER ELEMENT - Sound Bath Flowstate Sound Journey Band uniting with Olivia Rosebery and Baran Yildiz

10:15 - CLOSING CEREMONY - Joe Figliano and the Lovefest Leadership Team

10:30 - CONNECTION - Every person in the dome


- Face Painting - Various Artists
- Live Art Display - Lisa Winter
- Digital Art on the Dome ceiling - Tim from Om Collective
- Intuitive Body Painting - Irene Emily (by donation)
- Healing Tent to connect and Relax - Glamp Inn the Hunter
(Also providing Lomi Lomi massage for a fee)

FOOD AND DRINKS (Available for Purchase)
- Various Healthy and Delicious Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten free 
Lunch and Dinner options all day. 
- Kombucha
- Cacao Elixirs
- Elixir Teas
- Bliss Balls
- Pure Heart Alchemy Sacred Plant Essences

This event has been artistically created as a magical journey so to get the most out of it arrive at 11am and leave at 11pm.

This is a sober event, strictly alcohol and drug-free. Raising funds for A Sound Life Charity. We are aiming to be as sustainable as possible and will be assisted by Sustainable Events Australia.

WOW! All this for $99 

💓 Big Love 💓